Applesauce Bread

Tonight, I tried this recipe out for the second time. The first time, I went to add the appleasuce, but it had cobwebs in it. It was from an orchard upstate, and everything we got there went bad the next day. So I waited a week or so, and had … Continue Reading →

Tomato Beef Pasta

Tonight I made a recipe that’s a staple around my house. It’s been adapted from a recipe my mom gave me, and actual amounts have been put in too! They’re all approximate though, it’s a pretty forgiving recipe. Just make sure there’s enough juice to cover and cook the noodles. … Continue Reading →

Basil-Potato Frittata

Usually, Dino makes breakfast on weekends. He’s really good at it. But this morning (OK, early afternoon) I decided to give it a try. It was my first attempt at making a frittata, and it turned out GREAT! It had a lot of flavor, and the eggs were cooked perfectly. … Continue Reading →

Chicken Scampi

Last night, I needed to make something quick and simple, so I went for this recipe from Cooking Light. I misread the directions and didn’t slice the chicken before browning it, so it took a little longer to cook. I don’t know why you’re supposed to bread it and then … Continue Reading →

Finnish Cockbull

I wanted to try out a new cocktail on Thursday night, so I picked one out of a book that looked simple, and that we had all of the ingredients for. They turned out okay, but VERY strong. I served them over ice to try to dilute the alcohol a … Continue Reading →

Quick Stir-Fry

Sunday night I made stir-fry out of the leftover marinated steak from Saturday. It was pretty good. I had an onion, red pepper, green pepper, and some green beans from the farmer’s market. I sauteéd this all with some garlic and lite teriyaki sauce, threw in the meat, some and … Continue Reading →

Dino’s “Oh Ma Gahd Marinahd”

Dino made up this marinade a few months back, and yesterday we actually measured out all of the ingredients so that we could get an “official” recipe. The name comes from him doing this ridiculous John Travolta impersonation, so if you ever end up saying the name of it, you … Continue Reading →