Quick Stir-Fry

Sunday night I made stir-fry out of the leftover marinated steak from Saturday. It was pretty good. I had an onion, red pepper, green pepper, and some green beans from the farmer’s market. I sauteéd this all with some garlic and lite teriyaki sauce, threw in the meat, some and … Continue Reading →

Dino’s “Oh Ma Gahd Marinahd”

Dino made up this marinade a few months back, and yesterday we actually measured out all of the ingredients so that we could get an “official” recipe. The name comes from him doing this ridiculous John Travolta impersonation, so if you ever end up saying the name of it, you … Continue Reading →

Too-Easy Chicken with Leeks

I wanted something quick and simple last night, so I decided to make one of Rachael Ray’s recipes. I had made it before, and found it to be refreshingly easy – something that actually lived up to its name. Also, it deviates from Rachael’s normal recipes, as it doesn’t involve … Continue Reading →

Sumac-Crusted Chicken

This next recipe was a disappointment, and not because of the recipe, but because it appears that the sumac that I bought had been altered. It was salty! Dino was sure that I must’ve accidentally added too much salt, but I swore that I didn’t. so I went and grabbed … Continue Reading →

Slow-Cooker Beef Stroganoff

I make this recipe almost monthly – it’s a wonderful and easy meal! I usually prepare crock pot meals the night before and then store them in the fridge, covered, until morning. This one is so quick that you can do it all before you rush out the door to … Continue Reading →