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Test Recipe

Tonight I made another recipe that I’m testing for an upcoming cookbook that I’m recipe testing for. It was really tasty, so I can’t wait to share the recipe when the book comes out (which I’m totally buying, too!).

Test Recipe


  • Ashley

    Get outta here! That’s crazy! What’s your favorite local sushi place nearish to Ossining? I’m a big fan of Yama Fuji Sushi over on Pleasantville Rd. Also, do you know of a good place to buy sushi grade fish? I was going to check out that new fish market on 9, but they closed down almost right after they opened! Ha!

  • SushiNorth

    Nearish is in delicate balance with expectations 🙂 I find the place in Sleepy Hollow to be reasonable for a “local sushi” which requires decent fish, decent prices, and friendly staff. But if I were to go a little further afield, I’d be down in Dobbs Ferry, or over in Mt Kisco or Harrison.

    You can get sashimi grade fish in Hartsdale at the japanese minimarket on 100, but I’ll usually stop by Mitsuwas if I drive back from NYC (take the GWB over to NJ, then come up the palisades instead of saw mill). There’s a good fish shop in Mt Kisco, but sashimi grade fish needs to be flash frozen to -70 before its safe to eat, and most “fresh fish” places don’t do that.

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