Supper Club: Coconut Jelly

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Coconut Jelly

For the finale of our Dim Sum party, I made some these creamy, dreamy bits of awesomeness. I got this recipe from the Dim Sum class I took at ICE. Some of the other people in class had made these, and I really liked them. The only thing that bugged me was that the instructor said she didn’t like rose water, so she didn’t have us put it in the jelly. I happen to really enjoy rose water, so I was excited to try these out in my own kitchen.

Coconut Jelly

These beauties are stark white, and perfectly smooth, thanks to a dose of agar-agar powder. It was my first time using it, and it really made them set up nice and firm. This is really easy to put together, and there aren’t a lot of ingredients. The coconut cream is the stuff that’s over in the mixed drink aisle of the store (I used Coco López). These are finger food desserts, and it’s incredible to see how well they hold up when they sit out at room temperature. I have all sorts of ideas for things to make with the rest of my bottle of agar-agar!

Coconut Jelly

Here’s a shot of the rest of the meal (minus some awesome homemade fortune cookies!), including the Hoisin Cocktail Meatballs and Shrimp Dumplings.

Supper Club Dim Sum

Coconut Jelly
Encyclopedia of Asian Food – Charmaine Solomon

2 tablespoons agar-agar powder
2 (14-ounce) cans coconut milk
6 tablespoons sugar
1 cup canned coconut cream
Several drops rose water for flavor, optional

1. Sprinkle the agar-agar powder over the coconut milk, add sugar and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in the coconut cream.

2. Flavor to taste, then pour into an 8×8 dish, refrigerate, and allow to set.

3. Cut into diamond shapes or squares.

Big Flavors Rating: 5 Stars

  • I can almost taste these jellies just thinking about them! I think I”ve had them somewhere before…so good.

    • I think they’re pretty standard at dim sum restaurants, and given your proximity to Chinatown, I’m sure you’ve run across them 🙂

  • wow these jellies have come out so clean and we just love coconuts….this dessert is gorgeous 🙂

    • Thank you! They really were beautiful. I think that some little cookie cutters would make fun shaped pieces next time!

  • Zafirah

    Can you add food coloring in this recipe?

  • Zafirah

    can you add food coloring into this?

  • ashley

    I made this a couple days ago but the coconut milk was still soft more like a pudding than jello texture. So I threw it away. What would you recommend for this? I did put it in the refrigerator is that okay?

    • Ahh – did you use all coconut milk, or did you also add the coconut cream? That stuff is thicker and that may have something to do with it. Also, did you let it simmer for a full 10 minutes? It should firm up in the fridge. I’ve made this a few times and never had that happen, so I’m not too sure otherwise.

      • ashley

        I did use 1 cup canned coconut cream and I actually put it in with the boiling coconut milk, agar etc. for 10 min and it never set 🙁 maybe ill try again one day.

        • Hmm – the only difference in the recipe is that you’re supposed to stir the coconut cream in after it’s off the heat. That might be the culprit. Sorry it was a disappointment – let me know if you end up trying it the other way sometime!

  • Trisha

    Oh wow, these look gorgeous. They had bits of these jellies in a lovely tropical drink I had at an Asian restaurant. I cant wait to try these out.