Out-of-this-World Corn Dip

Out-of-this-World Corn Dip

Last year, some friends hosted an Oktoberfest party and one of the things that I liked most (other than the fabulous assortment of beer, obviously) was a corn dip that someone brought. I was told that it was key to eat it with Fritos.

Dipping corn chips in corn dip – that’s something I can totally get on board with. I am originally from Indiana, after all. Continue Reading →

Overnight Asparagus Mushroom Strata

Overnight Asparagus Mushroom Strata #KraftyCooking

A nasty blizzard was headed our way, so I figured a breakfast casserole was in order. You know, because deliciously melty, cheesy breakfasts make everything better. Right?

So I spent about 20 minutes before bedtime sautéing the mushrooms, toasting English muffins, and chopping veggies. I put everything together and popped the casserole into the fridge until morning. Continue Reading →