Slow Cooker "Baked" Potatoes
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Slow Cooker “Baked” Potatoes

Slow Cooker "Baked" Potatoes

I have been having a lot of luck “roasting” things in the slow cooker lately, so I thought I’d give “baking” a try! This worked pretty well, but I think the potatoes I used were a bit too large. I also think that maybe pricking them with a fork, the way you do when you bake them in the oven, would help. All I did was scrub the potatoes, put them each on their own piece of aluminum foil, sprinkled them with salt (next time I’ll drizzle them with a little olive oil first, too), wrap them tightly in the foil, and put them in the slow cooker on high for 6-8 hours. I needed the extra hours because the potatoes were so large, but if you use average sized ones, it shouldn’t take quite as long. I pricked them with a fork to check after 5, and they needed more time. I’ll definitely try this again with the tweaks I’ve mentioned and report back. It was great to have a baked potatoes done ahead of time, hanging out in the fridge, to use for the next few days – just popped them in the microwave and they were good to go! We really liked them as a side dish for the Argentinean Red Shrimp a la Chesapeake Bay.

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