Martini glass filled with fruit salad.
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Father’s Day: Fruit Salad

Martini glass filled with fruit salad.

To go with dinner, I made a fruit salad (requested by Dino’s mom). This is the way I love having fruit salad, and I never thought it was a huge deal until people started asking me to make it. I just cut up tons of different fruits (in this case it was watermelon, grapes, green apples, peaches, blackberries, strawberries, kiwis & bananas) and squeeze about half a lemon over the top to keep certain fruits from browning. I mix it all together and it’s a fantastic dessert! It’s a bit time consuming to cut up all of the fruit, but it’s super easy and well worth it. It’s also great for breakfast with a scoop of plain or vanilla yogurt. Yum!


Ashley Covelli is a food photographer, recipe developer, and culinary instructor based in Ossining, New York. She loves helping people become enthusiastic and adventurous in the kitchen so that they can build skills and confidence to cook for themselves and their loved ones. She can almost always be found with at least 3 different beverages within arm's reach.

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