Persian Pudding

Persian Pudding

I think I may have a new favorite dessert/breakfast/snack… this fantastic (and pretty healthy!) Persian Pudding from Alejandro Ramos over at Always Order Dessert. Wow. Just wow. This was super simple to put together, and it hits all the best sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy notes. Continue Reading →

Chicken in Pomegranate and Walnut Sauce (Fasanjoon)

This recipe is really tasty and different from most things that we’ve tried before. This has a lot of walnuts in it, and we found ourselves picking around them toward the end because it was a bit too much (but hey, I picked a recipe with the words “walnut sauce” in the title). This is a sweet dish, and it’s perfect over basmati rice with some plain yogurt and pita (or lavash) on the side. Continue Reading →

Supper Club: Chelo (Steamed Rice)

Dino decided to take on 2 variations of Persian rice for our Supper Club. We used the basic recipe below, and then for the Dill & Lima Bean Rice added a drained can of lima beans, and a lot of dried dill. For the Sour Cherry Rice, we drained a can of sour cherries and mixed those in. We used a suggestion from Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen and reduced the juice with 1 cup of sugar until it was a thick syrup. Drizzle that over the rice at the end. Continue Reading →