Supper Club: Mast O Khiar (Persian Yogurt Cucumber Goodness)

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This month’s Supper Club theme was Persian. I was SO delighted because I’m half Persian and absolutely love the cuisine! I had to make a yogurt side dish that tastes good mixed with rice and meat on the plate.

Mast O Khiar (Persian Yogurt Cucumber Dish)

I peel and shred a seedless cucumber in a big bowl, dump in a big container of plain yogurt (I use nonfat and it’s still great), a drizzle of honey, a nice dose of salt, some pepper, dried mint and a squeeze of lemon juice. It’s wonderful and refreshing. I guess it’s really more of a condiment, but I can eat a pretty big portion of it with a nice Persian meal.

  • I found this blog today and I’m so excited! seems you’re half persian! well, I’m persian too 🙂
    Hope too see more awesome recipes!