Pickle Treats
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Pickle Treats

Pickle Treats

OK, I know…this combination sounds kind of weird. But trust me – it’s great! My mom has been making these Pickle Treats for snacks for years, and every once in a while, I get the urge to make a batch for myself. It’s super easy, but a little messy to put together. The end result is a salty, creamy, tangy, highly addictive appetizer. The ham I was able to get this time was really flimsy, so they didn’t turn out as pretty as usual…but they tasted just as good!

Pickle Treats


Pickle Treats

sliced ham
cream cheese
dill pickle spears

Dry ham and pickles with paper towels. Slice pickles in half lengthwise. Spread cream cheese on ham. Lay pickle on ham and roll up. Cut each roll in half for bite-sized pieces.

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