Herbed Beef and Rice-Noodle

Herbed Beef and Rice-Noodle Salad

This recipe was a huge hit with the Garden Fairy and her brother. WOW. Me and Dino were huge fans as well. The marinade is super simple, and having it grilled to perfection is key (thanks, Dino!!). We assembled the sauce and salad portion while the meat was on the grill, and it worked out really well. Continue Reading →

Grilled Ribeye with Cherry Balsamic Chanterelle Sauce

My father-in-law gave us a bunch of beautiful chanterelle mushrooms from a friend of his, and I was really excited to use them. I decided to splurge on some really nice steaks from Whole Foods and went to town concocting a sauce that showed off their flavor. I used thyme from my garden, and a really great balsamic vinegar from O&Co. This turned out to be an outstanding combination – the meat was super juicy, and the sweet balsamic was the perfect accent to the mushrooms and herbs.

Again, I made this on the fly, so the amounts might not be right on. I’ll just have to try it out again soon! If anyone else gives it a shot, let me know what you think! It certainly got an enthusiastic high-five in my house! Continue Reading →

Vietnamese-Style Grilled Steak with Noodles

The flavors in this dish are amazing! The spice from the red pepper flakes works so well with the refreshing flavor of mint, and the bean sprouts and bell pepper add a nice cool crunch to the dish. This is a definite keeper, and we’ll be making it again and again! It would also be great with tofu or chicken on top. Yum! Continue Reading →

Green Pepper Steak

This is another recipe that I’ve had for a while that is on regular rotation in my house. I’m not sure what the original source is, so if anyone knows, drop me a line so I can give credit! This dish has a quick marinade, and it comes together for an easy dinner. It’s great how much flavor comes out of these few ingredients! Continue Reading →