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Holiday Cookie Recipe Roundup

Over 125 favorite Christmas and holiday cookie recipes across 7 different categories to make your holiday baking and cookie swap parties so much easier!

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is holiday baking! There’s just something so magical about getting to work in the kitchen and spreading joy through delicious, homemade baked goods.

This epic holiday cookie recipe roundup contains over 125 favorite Christmas and holiday cookie recipes across 7 different categories to make your holiday baking and cookie swap parties so much easier!

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I give out holiday cookies to lots of people at the end of every year. Aside from family, friends, and my supper club, I usually package up cookies for the local police station, firehouse, hospital and doctors’ offices, librarians, teachers, bus drivers, and the maintenance crew at my co-op complex. It allows me to enjoy baking a variety of cookies without feeling like my house is constantly overflowing with cookies.

It’s such a happy time of year, and homemade treats aren’t something that everyone is lucky enough to receive. I’m all about spreading smiles, and I encourage you to do the same!

Sometimes I just need to whip up a quick batch of my super chocolatey Melt-in-Your-Mouth Buttermilk Chocolate Cookies. Other times I’m looking for a dose of childhood nostalgia, so I bust out the rolling pin, cookie cutters, and sprinkles to make my Grandma’s Christmas Cookies. And I just can’t resist making a giant batch (or 2) of my family’s favorite Italian Ricotta Cookies.

But sometimes I’m in the mood to try something new, and I wanted to put together a massive resource full of cookie recipes to help spread the holiday cheer. So I turned to some of my food blogging buddies to get their very favorite holiday cookie recipes to share in this one.epic.collection.

This recipe contains over 125 favorite Christmas and holiday cookie recipes, categorized into the following 7 groups:

  1. Traditional Holiday Cookie Recipes
  2. Chocolate Holiday Cookie Recipes
  3. Cute and Colorful Holiday Cookie Recipes
  4. Holiday Cookie Recipes from Around the World
  5. Biscotti, Shortbread, & Slice and Bake Holiday Cookie Recipes
  6. Thumbprint Holiday Cookie Recipes
  7. Holiday Cookie Recipes for Special Diets

(Protip: You can click on any of the 7 sections listed above to jump directly to that portion of my list.)

There’s something for everyone here – sweet, savory, gluten-free, vegan, decadent, simple… the list goes on and on. I’ll add more as time goes on, and I’ll be sure to add my notes for any of these recipes that I actually try out in my tiny kitchen.

My hope is that you find inspiration to get in the kitchen and bake something delicious for your friends and loved ones this holiday season.

And so, without further ado…

This epic holiday cookie recipe roundup contains over 125 favorite Christmas and holiday cookie recipes across 7 different categories to make your holiday baking and cookie swap parties so much easier!

Traditional Holiday Cookie Recipes

You can’t beat a classic! Roll out cookies, gingersnaps, sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies and more.

  1. 2 Ingredient Almond Cookies
    Grab your cookie cutters! Almond flour and maple syrup are all you need to make this 2 ingredient cookie recipe. Add an optional 3rd ingredient if you want to go for an elegant, chocolate-dipped look.
  2. Cherry White Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies
    Dried cherries and white chocolate pair together in these simple, festive treats.
  3. Chewy Brown Sugar and Rosemary Snickerdoodles
    Fresh rosemary makes a fragrant addition to this seasonal twist on a favorite holiday cookie.
  4. Classic Chewy Gingersnap Cookies
    The sugar coating provides a slightly crispy exterior for these chewy, quick-baking cookies.
  5. Classic Sugar Cookies
    Nothing says Christmas like a fun, cut-out sugar cookie recipe.
  6. Cranberry Bliss Cookies
    White chocolate chips and dried cranberries team up in this fun spin on the holiday classic Cranberry Bliss Bars from Starbucks.
  7. Cranberry Orange Creamsicle Cookies This recipe uses frozen cranberries in addition to white chocolate chips, fresh orange zest & juice for lots of sweet-tart flavor.
  8. Cranberry Orange Snickerdoodles
    Fresh orange and dried cranberries add seasonal flair to this classic cookie!
  9. Easy Oatmeal Lace Cookies
    Thin, crispy, and delicate cookies that are great plain, drizzled with chocolate, or turned into ice cream sandwiches.
  10. Easy Rolled Sugar Cookies with Icing
    A simple, classic recipe that you can decorate any way you like!
  11. Everything Cookies
    These cookies are a perfect way to use up all the leftover odds & ends you have from your holiday baking. They have a little something for everyone baked into one cookie!
  12. Gingersnap Cookies
    A crunchy holiday classic with a subtle, gingery heat.
  13. Grandma’s Christmas Cookies
    These are the cookies that I grew up with, and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without them! This soft, tender sugar cookie recipe is the perfect excuse to break out your cookie cutters, food coloring, and sprinkles and get to decorating!
  14. Hazelnut Bow Tie Cookies
    Cream cheese makes the base of the dough that’s stuffed with chocolate hazelnut spread and chopped hazelnuts before being folded up, baked, and finished off with a dusting of snowy powdered sugar.
  15. Macadamia & White Chocolate Snowball Cookies
    Also known as Russian Tea Cookies or Mexican Wedding Cookies, these classic treats are a great last minute baking option. A quick roll in powdered sugar while the cookies are still warm gives them a winter wonderland vibe.
  16. My Grandmother’s Bourbon Balls
    Bust out the bourbon! These boozy treats are made with just a few ingredients and a little time in the fridge.
  17. Old Fashioned Molasses Cookies
    These crisp, crackly-topped cookies are rolled in cinnamon sugar before heading into the oven.
  18. Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies
    Chocolate and peanut butter are a perfect pair for the holidays! Candy kisses are nestled into peanut butter cookies in this Christmas staple.
  19. Raspberry Bow Tie Cookies
    Whether you use raspberry jam or a different flavor, these cream cheese-based cookies are sure to melt in your mouth!
  20. Six-Ingredient Crunchy Almond Cookies
    These cookies are chock full of almond flavor! Almond extract and pieces of almonds go into the dough, and more almonds are pressed on top to embellish them.
  21. Snowball Coconut Cookies
    Coconut lovers unite! These slightly sweet cookies are topped with coconut buttercream and a sprinkling of shredded coconut.
  22. Soft Ginger Molasses Cookies
    Coconut sugar adds an extra rich flavor to these soft ginger treats.
  23. Sour Cream Sugar Cookies
    These pillowy soft cookies are adorned with royal icing and stacked up to form a snow-covered Christmas tree.
  24. Toasted Hazelnut Meringue Cookies
    These 4 ingredient cookies would be an elegant addition to any holiday dessert table.
  25. White Chocolate Macadamia Cranberry Cookies
    The dough for these super soft and chewy cookies can be made in advance and baked on demand!

This epic holiday cookie recipe roundup contains over 125 favorite Christmas and holiday cookie recipes across 7 different categories to make your holiday baking and cookie swap parties so much easier!

Chocolate Holiday Cookie Recipes

Chocoholics, unite! Find just the right amount of chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  1. 5 Ingredient Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies
    Peppermint Chocolate Kisses and some festive sprinkles are the perfect adornment for these simple-yet-gorgeous chocolate cookies!
  2. Brownie Buckeye Cookies
    Two holiday favorites in one! Brownie cookies are topped with a peanut butter ball, then covered with melted chocolate.
  3. Brownie Whoopie Pies with Nutella Peanut Butter Frosting
    Two types of chocolate and peanut butter chips are made into sandwich cookies that are filled with a decadent Nutella peanut butter frosting.
  4. Chocolate Almond Pillow Cookies
    These chocolate filled cookies are made with almond paste and almond extract and topped with sliced almonds.
  5. Chocolate Chip Mascarpone Cookies with Ricotta and Almonds
    A drop dead gorgeous holiday treat packed with three types of chocolate.
  6. Chocolate Dipped Maraschino Cherry Cookies
    A cookie-fied spin on chocolate covered cherries!
  7. Classic Chewy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
    These rich, indulgent cookies are fudgy and chewy on the inside, and crisp and crinkly on the outside.
  8. Dark Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies
    These candy cane-dusted beauties use white chocolate or candy melts to add a gorgeous bit of contrast to the rich chocolate cookie base.
  9. Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Vanilla Icing
    Two types and sizes of chocolate chips make these tender cookies doubly delicious! To make them extra festive, try using the icing to write words like “joy”, “cheer”, or “noel”.
  10. Duckling’s Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toasted Nuts
    Peanut butter, toasted pecans and 2 types of chocolate chips amp up the flavor in these classic, chewy cookies.
  11. Easy Raspberry Chocolate Linzer Cookies
    Chocolate and raspberry team up in this simple twist on a holiday classic – complete with a healthy secret ingredient!
  12. Fresh Mint and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies
    Freshly chopped mint is a fragrant addition to these dark chocolate chunk-studded cookies.
  13. Grandma Henrietta’s Bourbon Balls
    Cookies, chocolate, and walnuts get a dose of bourbon in these boozy holiday treats.
  14. Hershey Kiss Cookies
    These fudgy chocolate cookies are rolled in nuts and stuffed with chocolate candy.
  15. Melt-in-Your-Mouth Buttermilk Chocolate Cookies
    These supremely chocolatey cookies are a personal family favorite. They’re a great way to use up a partial container of buttermilk – guaranteed to satisfy even the strongest chocolate cravings.
  16. Milk Chocolate Chip S’more Cookies with Toasted Marshmallows
    Use a kitchen torch (or your broiler) to get the tops of these cookies nice and toasty – no campfire required!
  17. Nutella & Sea Salt Stuffed Sugar Cookies
    A quick trip to the freezer makes little mounds of Nutella firm enough to stuff into the sugar cookie dough in these sweet-and-salty treats.
  18. Orange Chocolate Truffle-Centred Cookies
    Mini chocolate truffles are encased in a citrus zest-studded dough for a fragrant holiday treat.
  19. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookies
    Hot cocoa and cookie lovers unite! Peppermint hot chocolate cookies are a festive treat perfect for winter holidays and cookie exchanges.
  20. Peppermint Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Cookies
    A rich chocolate ganache drizzle helps adhere crushed candy canes onto these decadent cookies.
  21. Peppermint Patty Stuffed Chocolate Cookies
    Snack-size peppermint patty candies are nestled into chocolate cookie dough for a minty holiday dessert.
  22. Very Chocolatey Chocolate Crinkles
    A simple, soft, and chewy crinkle cookie that delivers big time on chocolate flavor.

This epic holiday cookie recipe roundup contains over 125 favorite Christmas and holiday cookie recipes across 7 different categories to make your holiday baking and cookie swap parties so much easier!

Cute and Colorful Holiday Cookie Recipes

Because whimsical cookies are guaranteed to bring out more holiday cheer.

  1. Chocolate Mint Buche de Noel Cookies
    Logs of chocolate mint cookie dough are frosted with a creme de menthe chocolate cream cheese frosting and decorated with royal icing.
  2. Christmas Pinwheel Spiral Swirl Sugar Cookies
    You don’t need to refrigerate the dough for these super simple, vibrantly colored sugar cookies.
  3. Christmas Sprinkle Cookies
    Rolling cookie dough in sprinkles makes them extra festive!
  4. Christmas Wreath Cookies
    Cornflakes are coated in green-tinted melted marshmallows and adorned with red candy “berries” for a fun holiday treat.
  5. Funfetti Shortbread Tidbits
    These itty bitty shortbread bites are the most adorable way to use colorful sprinkles!
  6. Gingerbread Yule Log Cookies
    Gingerbread, Nutella and lime are rolled up, baked, and glazed in a cookie version of a classic yule log.
  7. Grinch Heart Raspberry Filled Sugar Cookies
    Raspberry jam is sandwiched between green-tinted cookie dough with cutout hearts in these adorably grinchy cookies.
  8. Irish Shortbread Christmas Tree Cookies
    Stacked star-shaped shortbread cookies make the most deliciously edible Christmas trees!
  9. Maraschino Cherry Cookies
    Vanilla cake mix and cream cheese make the base for these cookies with a hidden cherry center!
  10. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups
    A mini muffin tin helps form the cups for these adorable “mugs” complete with peppermint whipped topping and crushed peppermint candy sprinkles.
  11. Polar Bear Pawprint Snowball Cookies
    I can only imagine the smile on my son’s face if I made a batch of these sweet, coconut-covered bear paw cookies – definitely on my to-try list!
  12. Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies
    A favorite cake flavor in cookie form! The white chocolate chips add a nice pop of contrast.
  13. Rudolph Peanut Butter Cookies
    Pretzels form the antlers on these whimsical reindeer treats!
  14. Spiced Gingerbread Men
    A simple, 2-ingredient icing and M&M’s are the perfect embellishments for these chewy gingerbread men.
  15. Stained Glass Cookies
    Crushed candy creates the perfect stained glass look for these edible holiday ornaments.
  16. Sugar Swirl Cookies
    Two colors of dough are rolled together and coated in colored sugar to reveal a spiral surprise!

This epic holiday cookie recipe roundup contains over 125 favorite Christmas and holiday cookie recipes across 7 different categories to make your holiday baking and cookie swap parties so much easier!

Holiday Cookie Recipes from Around the World

Take a trip around the world without leaving your kitchen! These cookies span the globe and deliver traditional ethnic flair.

  1. Austrian Linzer Cookies
    Ground hazelnuts and almonds combine with Christmas spices in these jam-filled cookies.
  2. Almond Crescent Cookies
    These nutty cookies get a snow-covered look from being rolled in powdered sugar while still warm from the oven.
  3. Basler Brunsli – Swiss Chocolate Almond Cookies
    These spiced cutout cookies are made with almond flour and are naturally gluten-free.
  4. Deluxe Pets de Soeur
    These French-Canadian pinwheels are filled with a sweetened mix of cinnamon, coconut, currants, and finely chopped walnuts.
  5. Eggnog Madeleines
    French Madeleines are always drop dead gorgeous, and these are no different! It’s getting harder and harder to resist buying a Madeleine pan of my own!
  6. German Christmas Cookies: Lebkuchen
    Any cookie recipe that suggests serving alongside a piping hot glass of mulled wine is A-OK in my book!
  7. German Gingerbread Cookies
    This spiced gingerbread cookie recipe uses butter instead of shortening.
  8. German Pfeffernüsse Cookies
    These soft, spicy cookies have less molasses than a standard gingerbread, and are also sweetened with honey. They get an extra flavor boost from anise extract.
  9. German Spitzbuben Cookies
    Try both festive variations of these traditional German Christmas cookies – Macadamia Cherry Spitzbuben and Boozy Black Forest Spitzbuben
  10. Great Grandma Francesca Cardile’s Cookies
    One of my personal family favorites that I learned from my Italian in-laws. These elegant, lightly sweet cookies are a Calabrese tradition, passed down through the generations and enjoyed annually at Christmas and Easter.
  11. Italian Chestnut Tortelli
    These tender, buttery, stuffed cookies are filled with a spiced rum, chocolate & chestnut filling.
  12. Kourabiedes Cookies
    This traditional Greek cookie is made with almond meal and dusted with powdered sugar.
  13. Lemon Ricotta Cookies
    Another family favorite! These citrus-studded Italian cookies are light, fluffy and full of holiday cheer! Perfect for cookie exchanges & holiday parties.
  14. Marzipan Filled Rugelach
    The sliced almonds on top of these beauties makes such an elegant final touch.
  15. Melt-in-Your-Mouth Linzer Cookies
    Love the tip to use reduced sugar jam in the filling in these lovely sandwich cookies.
  16. Moravian Molasses Cookies
    These crispy, wafer thin spice cookies are a traditional recipe from the Czech Republic.
  17. Pierniczki Świąteczne – Polish Christmas Cookies
    A combination of rye flour and plain flour give these cookies a unique texture.
  18. Ricotta Cookies
    My family is *obsessed* with this recipe – I make it several times per year. It makes lots of pillowy soft, tender cookies that are sure to be a holiday favorite!
  19. Speculoos – Dutch Windmill Cookies
    I’ve never used a cookie stamp before, but love the look it gives to these cookies. I’m also kind of obsessed with Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter and am excited to try these!
  20. Stroopwafels – Dutch Caramel Waffle Cookies
    I’ve had Stroopwafels before but never thought to make my own! Caramel filling is sandwiched between these super crispy waffles. Protip: try setting one on top of a piping hot mug of coffee or tea to warm it up slightly before digging in!
  21. Super Simple Honey Cinnamon Cookies
    These cookies come together quickly, freeze well, and don’t require a stand mixer to prepare.
  22. Traditional German Vanillekipferl Cookies
    This simple shortbread cookie recipe comes together easily, then just slice, roll, and bake!
  23. Turdilli & Chinudille – Italian ChristmasCookies
    My husband’s family gets together every year to make a big batch of these dense, honey-coated Italian Christmas cookies. The Chinudille are filled with nuts and raisins, while the Turdilli are cut into smaller pieces and left un-stuffed.
  24. Vegan Italian Rainbow Cookies
    A bit of patience rewards you with gorgeously vibrant layered cookies that symbolize the Italian flag in this egg-free twist on a Christmas classic.

This epic holiday cookie recipe roundup contains over 125 favorite Christmas and holiday cookie recipes across 7 different categories to make your holiday baking and cookie swap parties so much easier!

Biscotti, Shortbread, & Slice and Bake Holiday Cookie Recipes

Give your traditional cookies seasonal flair with these festive options.

  1. Brown Butter Shortbread with Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt
    This gorgeously decadent shortbread recipe gets the sweet-and-salty treatment with a slathering of dark chocolate and a sprinkling of Maldon sea salt
  2. Cherry Christmas Cookies
    Candied cherries are quartered and mixed throughout these delicate, lightly buttery slice and bake cookies.
  3. Chocolate Candy Cane Biscotti
    Crushed candy canes are incorporated into the rich chocolate biscotti dough before being baked, sliced, and baked again.
  4. Chocolate Orange Shortbread Cookies
    These slice and bake shortbread cookies are studded with fresh orange zest and dipped in melted chocolate.
  5. Coconut Shortbread Cookies
    A hint of lemon juice, a drizzle of chocolate, and a sprinkling of toasted coconut are the perfect accents for these cut-out shortbread cookies.
  6. Cranberry Orange Swirl Cookies
    Cranberries are finely chopped with orange peel and sugar to form the swirl filling in these vibrant slice and bake cookies.
  7. Double Chocolate Shortbread Cookies
    Cocoa powder and chocolate chips make these slice and bake shortbread cookies extra decadent!
  8. Easy Chocolate Chip Whipped Shortbread
    Whipping the butter and sugar together make these shortbread cookies melt in your mouth!
  9. Gingerbread Biscotti with Chocolate and Sea Salt
    These spiced, butter-free biscotti are half-dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt after baking for a slightly sweet after dinner treat.
  10. Juniper Berry Spiced Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies
    The juniper berries add a fresh, piney sweetness to these rich, chocolatey cookies. A quick roll in raw golden sugar before being slicing is the perfect finishing touch!
  11. Meyer Lemon Cookies
    The bright flavor of meyer lemon juice and zest shines through in these glazed slice and bake cookies.
  12. Orange Creamsicle Biscotti
    Fresh orange, white chocolate chips, and a drizzle of icing liven up this Italian classic.
  13. Pecan Shortbread Cookies
    Chopped pecans are toasted in the oven before being mixed into this spiced shortbread cookie batter.
  14. Peppermint Chocolate Shortbread Cookies
    Peppermint extract and crushed candy canes make these chocolate-y slice and bake shortbread cookies a real treat.
  15. Pistachio, Lemon & Rosemary Biscotti
    These gorgeously thin cookies are studded with nuts, citrus, and fresh herbs. A nice change of pace from all the super sweet holiday treats!
  16. Rose Pistachio Shortbread Cookies
    A floral spin on roll-out shortbread, these cookies contain fragrant dried rose petals.
  17. Vanilla Chai Shortbread Cookies
    Loose vanilla chai tea leaves are mixed into the dough in these iced spiced shortbread cookies.
  18. Vegan Matcha Green Tea Shortbread
    These macadamia nut studded shortbread cookies are gorgeously green thanks to matcha green tea powder.

This epic holiday cookie recipe roundup contains over 125 favorite Christmas and holiday cookie recipes across 7 different categories to make your holiday baking and cookie swap parties so much easier!

Thumbprint Holiday Cookie Recipes

These filled cookies are more than just jam – sweet and savory options are sure to delight your friends and family.

  1. Cheesy Thumbprint Cookies with Bourbon Tomato Jam
    A savory twist on a classic jam-filled holiday cookie, these would be a fantastic addition to any holiday appetizer assortment.
  2. Dulce De Leche Thumbprint Cookies
    The sweet dulce de leche filling can be made in advance for these elegant thumbprint cookies.
  3. Gingerbread Thumbprint Cookies
    A molasses-spiced white chocolate is the perfect filling for these white chocolate-drizzled gingerbread cookies.
  4. Gluten Free Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies
    A sweet buttercream filling and crushed peppermint candy adorns these gluten-free treats.
  5. Savory Fig & Cheddar Thumbprint Cookies
    Grated cheddar cheese helps form the savory base of these fig jam-filled shortbread cookies. I absolutely LOVE fig jam spread on crackers topped with sharp cheddar cheese, so I plan to try these beauties out for myself very soon!
  6. Turtle Thumbprint Cookies
    Toasted pecans and almond extract deepen the flavor of these caramel-filled thumbprint cookies.

This epic holiday cookie recipe roundup contains over 125 favorite Christmas and holiday cookie recipes across 7 different categories to make your holiday baking and cookie swap parties so much easier!

Holiday Cookie Recipes for Special Diets

Dietary restrictions shouldn’t get in the way of your holiday fun! These cookie recipes are made for people with special diets in mind – find gluten-free, ketogenic, paleo, vegan, and peanut/tree nut free options here.

  1. Chewy Gluten Free Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies
    Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, these festive cookies are dipped in chocolate and topped with a sprinkling of crushed candy canes. (dairy free, egg free, gluten-free, oil free, vegan)
  2. Chewy Mandarin Orange Cookies
    These citrus-glazed cookies use a mix of green banana flour, coconut flour,  and cornstarch for texture. (gluten-free, vegan)
  3. Chocolate Crinkles “Crack” Cookies
    These chewy chocolate cookies are covered in powdered sugar and melt in your mouth. (gluten-free)
  4. Christmas Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies
    Peppermint extract adds holiday flare to these chocolate crinkle cookies. (gluten-free, vegan, peanut/tree nut free)
  5. Cinnamon Roll Cookies
    A breakfast favorite in cookie form – these spiral cookies are drizzled with cream cheese frosting before serving. (low-carb)
  6. Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies
    These chewy chocolate cookies are made with Dutch process cocoa powder and studded with crushed macadamia nuts. (gluten-free, vegan)
  7. Easy Low Carb Peanut Butter Chocolate No Bake Cookies
    This no-bake peanut butter chocolate combo leaves your oven free for other holiday cooking! (low-carb, sugar-free)
  8. Easy Sugar-Free Lemon Meringue Cookies
    These 4-ingredient meringues are light and fluffy thanks to whipped egg whites. (low-carb, sugar-free)
  9. Flourless Chocolate Peppermint Cookies
    Coffee makes these minty, chocolatey, flourless cookies even richer! (gluten-free)
  10. Glazed Maple Walnut Cookies
    Maple extract enhances the flavor of both the base and the glaze in these low-carb cookies. (low-carb, THM S)
  11. Gluten Free Linzer Cookies
    Gluten-free flour takes the place of all-purpose flour in this classic holiday cookie recipe. (gluten-free)
  12. Gluten-Free White Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies
    White chocolate chunks are studded throughout these soft, chewy, spiced gingerbread cookies. (gluten-free)
  13. Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies
    This ketogenic diet-friendly cookie recipe uses erythritol and xanthan gum to help deliver a cookie with just 1g net carbs. (keto, low-carb)
  14. Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies
    Natural peanut butter is used to these no-sugar added cookies, which clock in at 2g net carbs per cookie. My husband has been making his own peanut butter in our Vitamix lately as a keto-friendly snack, so I’m looking forward to making these for him soon! (keto, low-carb)
  15. Low Carb Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate
    Sugar-free dark chocolate is melted together with coconut oil and used to adorn these shortbread cookies. (low-carb, dairy-free, paleo)
  16. Paleo Double Chocolate Cookies
    These ultra chocolatey cookies are studded with chocolate chunks and topped with flaked sea salt for an extra sweet-and-salty flair. (paleo)
  17. Paleo Pumpkin Snickerdoodles
    These light, fluffy cookies use paleo baking flour and are rolled in a mix of coconut sugar and cinnamon before baking. (paleo)
  18. Sugar-Free Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies
    A touch of sea salt enhances the flavor of these 4-ingredient cookies that don’t require any flour or sugar. (keto, low-carb, sugar-free)

Thanks to all of the awesome bloggers who contributed to this epic holiday cookie recipe roundup!

Which of these recipes are you most looking forward to trying? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. And please be sure to report back if you end up trying any of these!

Ashley Covelli is a food photographer, recipe developer, and culinary instructor based in Ossining, New York. She loves helping people become enthusiastic and adventurous in the kitchen so that they can build skills and confidence to cook for themselves and their loved ones. She can almost always be found with at least 3 different beverages within arm's reach.


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