Whole spices in a spice grinder.
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Coriander Scented Untoasted Blend (Bin Bhuna Kua Garam Masala)

I made this spice blend for a recipe tonight, and it smelled awesome! I love seeing how whole spices transform after you mix them together and blend them up.

Whole spices in a spice grinder.

Coriander Scented Untoasted Blend (Bin Bhuna Kua Garam Masala)

Coriander Scented Untoasted Blend (Bin Bhuna Kua Garam Masala)
660 Curries: The Gateway to Indian Cooking – Raghaven Iyer

Makes 1/3 cup

2 tablespoons coriander seeds
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 teaspoon black peppercorns
1/2 teaspoon whole cloves
1/2 teaspoon cardamom seeds from green or white pods
2 dried bay leaves
3 or 4 dried red Thai or cayenne chiles, to taste, stems removed; or 1 teaspoon cayenne (ground red pepper)

1. Place all the ingredients in a spice grinder or coffee grinder, and grind until the texture resembles that of finely ground black pepper.

2. Store the mixture in a tightly sealed container, away from excess light, heat, and humidity, for up to 2 months.

Ashley Covelli is a food photographer, recipe developer, and culinary instructor based in Ossining, New York. She loves helping people become enthusiastic and adventurous in the kitchen so that they can build skills and confidence to cook for themselves and their loved ones. She can almost always be found with at least 3 different beverages within arm's reach.


  • Katy

    Fabulous!! I have only recently learned that garam masala is a blend of herbs/spices so this recipe is especially well timed for me. Thank you sooo much!

  • Ashley

    Thanks so much!

    I had no idea how complex garam masala and curry could be – and how many variations there are! I’m loving it 🙂

  • Angelica

    What did you make using this spice mix? It seems really yummie and I’s love to make it, but I seem to make lots of different spice mixes but never have a recipe to go with it.

  • Ashley

    I made this (posted the same day) but it wasn’t great. I’ve been making spice blends from this book as I pick recipes, and it’s been working out really well! A lot of recipes use the same spice blends, so it’s been a lot of fun!


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