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One-Year Anniverary of Big Flavors!

Today is this blog’s one year anniversary! It’s crazy how many things I’ve made in that time, and I’m really enjoying being the nerdy girl that takes pictures of her dinner plate almost every night. Thanks to everyone who reads and sends feedback – you guys rock!

I have a few recipes that I made last week that I haven’t posted yet, and I’ll do it this week. Right now we’re in MA getting ready to hit up the Cape Cod potato chip factory. We’ve been out here for a few days, including my birthday, and we’re almost ready to get back to our own kitchen.

Here’s to another year of great food!


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  • Anonymous

    Happy Blog Birthday!!

    Congratulations Ashley!!!
    I loved completing one year of my blog too, it is really amazing how many things we do and the friends we are able make through the blog/internet!
    Happy “blogversary”!!
    I really enjoy your food pictures, reading your posts and recipe reviews!

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