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Supper Club: Lychee Mojitos

A few weeks ago, we were having dinner with some friends at Sweet Grass Grill and everyone was ordering cocktails. I wanted to find something “fancy” enough to order without alcohol but still feel like I was having something special. So when I saw that they had lychee mojitos, I knew that’s what I wanted. They were SO good that I asked the bartender how he made them. He gave me a list of ingredients but I didn’t want to press my luck by asking for amounts. He said he added sugar, but we figured it’d be plenty sweet without extra sugar. So we bought some canned lychees and tried them out and got it almost exactly like the ones we had there! Everyone loved them!

Lychee Mojitos
inspired by Sweet Grass Grill, Tarrytown, NY

20 ounce can lychees in syrup
2 cups ginger ale
1 lime, cut into wedges
8-10 sprigs fresh mint
rum (optional)

Pour lychees with syrup into a blender and pureé until smooth. Pick leaves off of the mint sprigs and tear them in to pieces. Muddle the mint leaves and lime wedges in a pitcher. Pour in pureéd lychees and ginger ale into the pitcher. Fill serving glasses with ice. Add a shot of rum and fill with the lychee mixture. Garnish with mint sprigs and lime wedges. Enjoy!

Big Flavors Rating: 5 Stars


  • Fahad Khan

    I love lychees,their fragrance,their juiciness,their sweetness.Almost dripping with goodness!
    Unfortunately,no matter what a vast resource of information the web has,there are only a few mocktail recipes.I realized this the other day,when I was looking for some.This definitely has to be one of the good ones!
    Thank you for sharing!:-)

  • Ashley

    This is pretty darn close to the one at the restaurant, too. And being pregnant, it was a great one to try out without alcohol. I didn’t even miss it! These are fantastic and always a big hit with a crowd 🙂

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