Holiday Baking 2013 Part 2
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Favorite Holiday Baked Goods Roundup (Part 2)

Looking for a few more options to add to your holiday baking repertoire? I shared 6 of our favorites yesterday, and I figured another half-dozen was in order. These are some of our very favorite baked goods, and they’re sure to be a hit this season. There’s a pretty wide range of recipes in here – some are quick and easy, and some take a bit more time. I assure you, either route you take will be delicious!

If you happen to be looking for inspiration in pie form, you can check out the roundup I did for Pi Day earlier this year.

Holiday Baking 2013 Part 2

1. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread

2. Starbucks Espresso Brownies

3. Peanut Blossoms

4. Pecan Butter Balls (Mexican Wedding Cookies)

5. Naughty Rhubarb Scones

6. Chocolate Cake S’mores Cookies

Happy baking!

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