Quick and Easy Brownies

Quick and Easy Brownies

We were on our way home from visiting my in-laws on Sunday night, and I said to Dino, “I could REALLY go for brownies right now”. And you know what? We got home, he put our toddler to bed… and went in the kitchen and made me brownies. From scratch. No questions. Continue Reading →

One-Bowl Mocha Brownies

One-Bowl Mocha Brownies

I’m finally getting the hang of making brownies from scratch. The last batch I made (Starbucks Espresso Brownies) were great. They were the first brownies that I made without a box mix that we really enjoyed. So when the chocolate craving hit after dinner, I looked for a simple brownie recipe to remedy the situation. This recipe stood out to me because it said “one-bowl”, which is a big bonus for cleanup. It also called for instant coffee or espresso. A chocolate fix and an extra caffeine kick at the same time? Sign. Me. Up. Continue Reading →

Starbucks Espresso Brownies

Supper Club: Starbucks Espresso Brownies

The first thing that came to mind when we picked this month’s Supper Club theme (Restaurant Recreations) was the espresso brownies from Starbucks. I worked there for a few months after college, and maaaaan was I hooked on those bad boys. I couldn’t find a recipe that looked exactly like theirs online, but this one was the closest. We added 1/2 cup of bittersweet baking chips to the batter at the very end, since Starbucks had little chunks of chocolate in their brownies, and it was an almost perfect match. Continue Reading →

Chocolate Chip Brownies

This is a brownie recipe that a coworker of mine tweaked from one that she’s been making for years. It’s really good. I still have to play around with the amount of chocolate chips and the baking time, because mine weren’t as good as hers, but I’ll just have to … Continue Reading →

One Bowl Brownies

We wanted something sweet after dinner, but didn’t want to make a huge mess, so I did a search for a “one bowl” type of dessert. This one was super easy, and we had all of the ingredients on hand. I still think that brownies from a mix are the … Continue Reading →

Bourbon Fudge Brownies

This was my first time making brownies from scratch. I’m usually happy with a nice batch of (underbaked) brownies from a boxed mix. I thought these sounded interesting, and they were really good! The bourbon flavor is pretty mild, but we noticed that they definitely tasted different from a “regular” … Continue Reading →