DM Old Fashioned
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DM Old Fashioned

For our next round of libations, I made two different things. For the guys, I made these fragrant DM Old Fashioned cocktails, featuring homemade blood orange bitters. We do live in Ossining, so I half hope expect Don Draper to walk through the door whenever we make a few of these 😉

DM Old Fashioned

DM Old Fashioned
The Domestic Mixologist

2 ounces rye (can substitute bourbon or Scotch if desired)
3 dashes (12 drops) blood orange bitters
Sugar cube
1 teaspoon water
Maraschino cherry

Drop sugar cube into the bottom of an old fashioned or lowball glass. Soak with bitters and water, then muddle until sugar is dissolved. Add ice and rye, stirring gently. Top with a cherry.

Big Flavors Rating: 5 Stars

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