Wine-Beyond-the-Wall (or, Wine-ter is Coming)

Over at The Domestic Mixologist, we have been gearing up for the new season of Game of Thrones for quite some time. We had perfected this recipe a few weeks ago in anticipation for the premiere, so we whipped up another batch to enjoy in front of the TV. This stuff is deeply comforting, and it can be enjoyed warm or at room temperature. Now if someone can just supply us with a few drinking horns, we would be all set! 😉 Continue Reading →

The Herbalist

The Herbalist

My friend Jenn braved Winter Storm Nemo to come have a slumber party at my house. I wanted to make sure to have some good cocktails ready to go when she got here. This is one of my favorites that we created over at The Domestic Mixologist. It was a bit hit! Continue Reading →

Chocolate-Lavender Mousse

Launch Party: Chocolate-Lavender Mousse

We had to have dessert at the launch party for The Domestic Mixologist, so we ended the event (or in some cases, started it…since I dove into dessert before the beverages) with mini “A-mousse bouche” versions of this dessert recipe. They were a big hit. Chocolate and lavender go really well together! Continue Reading →

Winter Gimlet

I saw this post over at The Paupered Chef and thought it looked like something Dino would love. He’s been into drinks with bitters lately, so I sent this recipe his way and he rushed downstairs and mixed one up. It’s too strong for my taste, but he really enjoyed … Continue Reading →