Emma's Belgian Waffles with Banana "Ice Cream"

Goodbye Breakfast – Emma’s Belgian Waffles with Banana “Ice Cream”

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To send my parents off, we came up with an awesome idea – combining our love of Belgian waffles with our love of making the ever-amazing banana “ice cream” for breakfast. (If you haven’t seen it around the web yet, you can slice up ripe bananas, freeze them in a bag, and whenever you want ice cream, just pop some in a blender and you have a healthy, one ingredient, guilt-free ice cream!) Dino made some amazing Belgian waffles, threw some frozen bananas with a splash of soy milk into the blender, dusted them with powdered sugar, and voila! Breakfast was awesome! Topped with a bit of maple syrup, these are a fantastic breakfast idea – the cold and hot mixture is just great. Continue Reading →