Overnight Asparagus Mushroom Strata

Overnight Asparagus Mushroom Strata #KraftyCooking

A nasty blizzard was headed our way, so I figured a breakfast casserole was in order. You know, because deliciously melty, cheesy breakfasts make everything better. Right?

So I spent about 20 minutes before bedtime sautéing the mushrooms, toasting English muffins, and chopping veggies. I put everything together and popped the casserole into the fridge until morning. Continue Reading →

End of Summer Penne Primavera

End of Summer Penne Primavera

My father-in-law gave me a bunch of beautiful tomatoes from his garden, and they were >thisclose< to being too ripe. This pasta was a way for me to use up those tomatoes plus a bunch of beautiful produce that was hanging out in my kitchen, all at once. It was simple enough to put together, because I just kind of chopped things and dropped them into the pan as I went. Continue Reading →

ABC Juice

This juice isn’t for just anyone. It sounds weird to drink something that has broccoli and asparagus in it, but I really loved it! I wanted to use up some asparagus that I had on hand, so used it in this recipe. It was great – a wonderful breakfast to … Continue Reading →

Steak with Parmesan Herb Butter

I wanted to make something quick for dinner tonight, so I seasoned some steaks with salt & pepper and threw them on the cast iron grill pan. While they were cooking, I mixed some softened butter, grated Parmesan, sliced basil, chopped green onion, salt & pepper in a small bowl. … Continue Reading →