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Strip Steak with Chive-Lime Compound Butter

Strip Steak with Chive-Lime Compound Butter

I bought some strip steaks last night and wanted to make something simple with them today. So I rubbed them with olive oil, seasoned them up with Penzeys 4/S Smoked Salt and some freshly cracked black pepper, seared them off in the cast iron skillet and finished them off in the oven. I made a compound butter with chives, lime zest, lime juice, salt and pepper. It melted down over the steaks and made them taste fantastic. I served them with some corn and leftover refried beans. It was a simple, wonderful meal!


  • Katy ~

    Don’t you just love Penzeys?

    That steak sounds over the top good. I have chive growing in my herb garden (OK, I exaggerate, that’s the only herb in my garden so far, but I’m working on it!) so this will be a delicious way to use it. Sweetie-Pi will be thanking me for days after this.

    Thank you!!

  • Brandon W

    Compound butter is a great thing. I don’t make mine look as pretty as you though. You can put in whatever you want, and then it melts and instant sauce.

    Cooked up some steak last night too, pizza maker style. I shouldn’t have to explain what that is to someone who married into an Italian family, right?

  • Ashley

    The chives are the only thing up in my garden right now – I need to go buy my other herbs soon!

    Brandon – I hadn’t heard of it called that before, but when I looked it up, I saw it’s the same thing as Steak Pizzaiola which is awesome. I’ve never made it before but definitely should 🙂 And I’m definitely going to use the leftover butter for a nice sauce – it was super easy to shape – just mush it into some plastic wrap, twist it on the ends and throw it into the freezer for a bit. Awesome.

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