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Sardine Sandwich

Oh, the things we do for love. My husband is sick, and he hasn’t been eating or drinking much. So when he finally put in a request, it was something that I haven’t made before, and definitely something I do not want to ever eat. I’ve tried most things – even some things I never thought I’d try (I’m talking to you, jellyfish!), but some things just don’t sound like anything I’d ever want to try. A sardine sandwich is one of those things. Dino makes them for himself all the time. His grandfather used to make them. I get it. It’s comfort food to him. So when he requested a sardine sandwich, I asked what he wanted on it. He gave me a list of toppings and I went in the kitchen and prayed that none of the potent sardine juice splashed on me.

Sardine Sandwich

This sardine sandwich is on toasted multigrain bread, slathered with mayo and a little dijon, with some mixed lettuce greens and sliced tomatoes on top of that. I topped it with sardines that were packed in a tin with oil. A light sprinkle of kosher salt and a few cracks of black pepper and it was complete. And for the record, he said it was the best sardine sandwich he had ever had.

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