Peppery Greens with Pears, Prosciutto and Comté
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Peppery Greens with Pears, Prosciutto and Comté

Part of the last CSA haul that we got from our friend included the most beautifully ripe Red Clapp pears. I hadn’t had them before, and after I ate the first one, I knew it would be a great addition to a salad.

Peppery Greens with Pears, Prosciutto and Comté

For this salad, I plated a big pile of baby arugula and stripped a few thyme leaves over the top of it. I added some sliced Red Clapp pears, thin strips of prosciutto, and some slices of Comté cheese. I sprinkled on some gray salt and freshly cracked black pepper, a really nice extra-virgin olive oil and an aged balsamic. It was absolutely delicious!

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