Beef and Vegetable Potpie

Tonight I made a pot pie for the first time ever. It was good, but by no means great. It was kinda bland. I really enjoyed having zucchini in a pot pie though, it was different from anything else I’ve ever had. It needed some peppers or something to make … Continue Reading →

Tequila Burgers

Saturday night, we had to grill indoors on the Griddler instead of outside because of the rain. So Dino made his burgers, a few hot dogs, and we had some watermelon and egg salad. Washing it down with a beer made it a really comforting meal. I put way more … Continue Reading →

Fillet O’Fu

Friday night I decided to try one of Alton Brown’s recipes. I had a block of extra firm tofu in the fridge that I wanted to use up, and serve with some salad. The recipe was great, but I only had sherry wine, not sherry vinegar, so it wasn’t as … Continue Reading →

“Rafakey” Marinade

We decided to make salads on Thursday night, so I asked Dino to figure out some sort of marinade for chicken to put on top of the salads. I had found some Boston lettuce (which I never tried before), and put mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, red bell peppers and red onions … Continue Reading →

Beef Stew

On Tuesday night, I made stew based off of my grandpa’s recipe that was never written down. This makes a HUGE pot of stew, and the amounts are all adaptable. He used cabbage and corn in his I think, but you can use whatever veggies you like most. I think … Continue Reading →

Chicken and Carrots With Wine Sauce

Tonight’s dinner stunk! I used 3 large boneless skinless chicken breasts instead of 8 thighs, and it turned out terribly. It was dry (which usually doesn’t happen to me in the slow cooker, but I attribute it to only having 1/2 cup of liquid) and the taste wasn’t good at … Continue Reading →

Roman Chicken | Potatoes and Onions

Dinner tonight was really good! I saw an episode of Everyday Italian last weekend, and thought that two of the recipes looked really great! The main dish was very comforting. I made a few changes – I used boneless skinless chicken breasts, dried thyme & oregano, and curly parsley. I … Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Cookies

I baked cookies tonight so that Dino could drop them off at work for our friend (and his co-worker) because his birthday is Saturday, and he works the night shift. I figured it would be a nice surprise. I got this recipe from my mom, and it’s the BEST peanut … Continue Reading →

Orange Beef Stir-Fry

Dinner tonight was really good! It took a little bit of prep work (chopping all the veggies), but it cooked up really quickly, and I had some rice leftover from earlier in the week, so that part was taken care of! The fresh orange juice in the sauce is a … Continue Reading →

Deviled Potato Salad

I almost forgot to post one of my favorite summer side dishes. I made this over the weekend when we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. It’s a great spin on potato salad. Deviled Potato Salad 30-Minute Meals 2 – Rachael Ray 2 ½ pounds all purpose potatoes (such as new … Continue Reading →

Tortellini with Peas

I made this recipe for lunch on Monday. When I saw it in the magazine, I laughed because it didn’t look like it should be called a “recipe” to me. But it was a quick and easy meal to throw together, and let’s face it, I love frozen peas. Tortellini … Continue Reading →

Awesome Sesame Chicken

Dino loves sesame chicken, so I decided to give it a try at home. It turned out really well, but it was pretty labor intensive to fry all of the pieces of chicken a few at a time and drain them. I think I’d like to do the same recipe, … Continue Reading →

Potato and Double Corn Chowder

Dinner Monday night was thrown into the slow cooker that morning. I got the recipe from a friend who I gave my old slow cooker to when I bought a new one. I’m addicted to this thing! Anyhow, she was seeking out cookbooks for slow cookers, and she brought leftovers … Continue Reading →