Beef and Gorgonzola Bruschetta with Balsamic Caramelized Shallots
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Moldy Cheese Day: Beef and Gorgonzola Bruschetta with Balsamic Caramelized Shallots

Beef and Gorgonzola Bruschetta with Balsamic Caramelized Shallots

I made up this dish to use up the rest of my gorgonzola, and further celebrate Moldy Cheese Day. I had a leftover piece of beef tenderloin that my father-in-law had cooked a few days ago. It wasn’t enough to make a meal out of, but it was the perfect amount to turn into a nice bruschetta. I sliced some bread and broiled it for a few minutes on both sides to get it nice and toasty. I rubbed the bread with a garlic clove, so the flavor would melt into each slice. I melted some butter in a skillet and slowly caramelized some sliced shallots. When they were almost done, I added in about a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and stirred it in, deglazing the pan and scraping up the browned bits on the bottom. I topped each slice of bread with some of the shallots, a few thin slices of beef tenderloin, and some crumbled gorgonzola. I put them back on the pan and broiled them until the cheese melted. I garnished the bruschetta with some chopped green onion. This turned out absolutely delicious! Next time, I’ll make more of the shallots, because it melted down into not quite enough for us.

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