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Hard Boiled Egg and Provolone Sandwich

This is a version of something that Dino and I concocted at a hotel brunch a few weeks ago. They had hard boiled eggs, ham, cheese, croissants and English muffins. So when I decided to make breakfast for once this morning, I asked if he’d like me to make a version of that sandwich based on what we had on hand. I hard boiled eggs, sliced them up, put them on top of a roll with a slice of Provolone on top and popped them into the toaster oven. The cheese got nice and brown in some areas, and with a little salt and pepper, we had some yummy breakfast sandwiches! This is really good with American or cheddar cheese, and next time we’ll make sure to have some ham ready for them.

Hard Boiled Egg and Provolone Sandwich

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