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Garden Update


My coworker (who I will now refer to as the Garden Fairy haha!) also brought me some beautiful tomato plants that she grew from seedlings. She brought me one yellow pear tomato plant and 3 Jaune Flammes (a heirloom orange variety – more info here). I absolutely love tomatoes, but I haven’t planted them since our first year in our home, because one of our neighbors stole all of them :(. We decided to plant them out front this time (shh…don’t tell my co-op board!) in a nice rectangular planter, so we can keep an eye on them. If they start disappearing this time around, we’re going to put a motion detecting camera on them! I’m so excited for these! Garden fresh tomatoes are one of the best things in the world! We’re thinking of adding some garlic behind the planter, as well. We’ll see! I’m so grateful to the Garden Fairy for all of her generosity! It’s especially appreciated since we’re saving up money for our baby’s fall arrival 🙂

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