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New Coffee Maker

It’s official…Dino and I have been turned into full-fledged coffee snobs. But it’s not our fault! He did some work for a friend, and as payment, he gave us THIS:

Technivorm Clubline

Behold, the Technivorm KB-741 Clubline. It’s amazing. I didn’t want to think that such an expensive coffee maker would reeeeally make a difference in how our coffee tastes, but woah…I was SO wrong.

Read about it here and you’ll get a peek into what this beauty can do. I would have never bought a coffee maker that costs this much (do you know how many video games I could get for that money?!), but I will honestly say that it makes the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. HANDS DOWN. And it’s a bonus because it was free. And I’m not the one who did any work to get it. So I just lucked out all around. Merry Christmas to me! 😉

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