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Turkey Salad Tea Sandwiches

I made this once before (and I’m recycling the photo!) and it turned out great! The difference this time is that the tea house in my town that inspired me to figure out how to make these tea sandwiches closed down. Bummer. But at least I figured out how to make an awesome tea (or regular) sandwich! For the real tea house effect, use one slice white bread and one slice wheat.

Turkey Salad Tea Sandwiches

Turkey Salad Tea Sandwiches

4 turkey cutlets
Miracle Whip Light
fresh cracked pepper
whole wheat bread

Boil 4 turkey cutlets until they cooked through. Drain, let cool (run cold water over them to speed it up), and chop in the food processor. Put into a large bowl. Chop a few stalks of celery and a handful (or two) of craisins quickly in the food processor and add to the bowl.

Mix in Miracle Whip until it’s moist and holds together. Crack in some black pepper and mix.

Spread a little Miracle Whip or butter on some whole wheat bread, fill with the turkey mixture, trim off crusts and enjoy!

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