Favorites from the Archives: Puppy Chow

This is part of a series of favorite recipe posts from the archives that I’ll be running for a little while. These are recipes that have been big hits in my house, and I highly recommend trying them out. I hope you enjoy! I’ll be back to regularly scheduled posts … Continue Reading →

Spinach Dip

Superbowl Party: Knorr Spinach Dip

I picked up a fresh loaf of bread from the local bakery and hollowed it out, filled it up with dip, and dug in! In my opinion, the water chestnuts are not optional – they’re required. They give the dip that awesome crunch. Continue Reading →

Superbowl Party: Puppy Chow

This is a dessert that my aunt always made for family get togethers, and I haven’t had it in years. I thought it would be a good one to check out for our party. I found the recipe online, and made a batch. The one thing I changed was to … Continue Reading →

Margarita Cake

Superbowl Party: Margarita Cake

This cake recipe is easy and impressive. I’ve made it a few times before, and it’s always a hit. I made it last year for the Superbowl party that a friend hosted, and I thought it would be a good one to try out on Dino’s coworkers this year. Continue Reading →

Superbowl XLV Party

We’ve had a tradition of having a ridiculously gluttonous Superbowl party for Dino’s coworkers for the last few years. They nominated us to have one back in 2008 for two reasons: A) We have a huge TV2) I cook up a storm I’d like to once again clarify…none of us … Continue Reading →