Chicken Salad with Mayo (Mayonezli Tavuk Salatasi)

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I couldn’t pass up another chance to make this dish – it’s one of our favorites!

Chicken Salad with Mayo (Mayonezli Tavuk Salatasi)

And yes…we once again crammed some Cape Cod Robust Russet potato chips into the sandwiches. It was amazing!

Chicken Salad with Mayo (Mayonezli Tavuk Salatasi)

Chicken Salad with Mayo (Mayonezli Tavuk Salatasi)
Binnur’s Turkish Cookbook

2 pieces of chicken breast, cooked, cut in medium size pieces
½ bunch dill, washed, drained, cut in small pieces
¼ red onion, sliced
3 fresh green onions, cut in small pieces
½ cup small pickled cucumbers (cornichons), cut in small cubes
1 cup mayonnaise

Mix all the ingredients in a medium sized cup, then transfer onto the serving plate. You may garnish with black olives. Serve any kind of meal as a salad on the side. Or it’s perfect for a sandwich using the corner of Turkish Bread.

MacGourmet Rating: 5 Stars

  • I remember reading about this with the chips before. Thanks for reminding me. Ihave to try thisone. Your raves convinced me!

  • Mindy (MiMo-CLBB)

    This recipe is fantastic. (I made it Friday night.) I used leftover shredded chicken and part mayo/part plain yogurt and stuffed it into grilled whole wheat pita bread with romaine lettuce. I will be making this a lot this summer. (Like your mom’s tomato beef pasta, this tastes better the next day, too.)

  • So glad you liked it! Isn’t it a great change from “normal” chicken salad? We just adore this recipe!

  • Hello
    Thanks for the delicious & yummy recipe. i made this as a salad and really liked it. i also took a photo: