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Breakfast Scraps Can Benefit Your Garden!

Breakfast Scraps Can Benefit Your Garden!

Having eggs and coffee for breakfast today? Save your scraps to help out your garden! A friend of mine who has an amazing backyard garden gave me a few tips on helping to keep healthy tomato plants – add coffee grounds and egg shells to the soil! It helps add nutrients like nitrogen and calcium to the soil, and when I used this method for the first time, I had the tastiest and healthiest tomato harvest ever!

Breakfast Scraps Can Benefit Your Tomato Plants!

After cracking your eggs for breakfast, rinse out the shells and set them in a bowl to dry out. Once they’re dry, you can pulse them in the food processor until they’re finely ground. Sprinkle this on top of your soil along with the morning’s coffee grounds and scratch them into the soil with your fingers or a garden rake, water your plants and go about your day knowing that you wasted a little less and helped strengthen your garden.

Breakfast Scraps Can Benefit Your Tomato Plants!

  • http://dawnk777.wordpress.com Dawn Klein

    That is a great idea. We were saving eggshells last week, because our vacation bible school at church, was about being green. They wanted compost for that, so we saved eggshells and fruit scraps.

  • http://www.messmakesfood.com Miss Messy

    What a great post. Fab tips :)

  • http://wishesndishes.com/ Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes

    That’s awesome! I never knew about this tip before!